Horse meat found in IKEA meatballs

YIKES! I just read this very interesting article today from USATODAY, that the meat in IKEA meatballs was found to have traces of horse meat in them. The source? About a month ago a factory in Ireland admitted that they found equine DNA in their beef patties that are made for export in the UK. Meat products all over Europe have been coming up positive for horse meat. The most recent being IKEA meatballs. Czech Republic inspectors released the information Monday morning.

<strong>So who was affected? According to IKEA the batch had gone out to:</strong>
- Slovakia
- Hungry
- France
- Britain
- Portugal
- The Netherlands
- Belgium
- Spain
- Italy
- Greece
- Cyprus
- Ireland
- Czech Republic
(The US was not affected)

IKEA quickly pulled the meat from these countries, but if you`ve been to IKEA recently there`s a good chance you were eating some horse meat.

<strong>Questions: </strong>
1. Have you heard about the horse meat scandal taking over Europe?
2. have you eaten an IKEA meatball recently?

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