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5 years ago

Thesehors d`oeuvres was from my hor d`oeurves chapter practice back in August 2011. No i didn`t make this all myself, it was my class of 12 people and everyone was assigned one item. I will try to describe all of the hor d`oeurves, if i can remember what was inside. In the food industry, hor d`oeurves bought by a customer can cost more then steak. Why do you ask? Because it takes way longer and more labor to make then a steak dinner. I can really understand why because there are so many components in just one. Its insane i know.

<strong>Cucumber salmon tartar</strong>: raw salmon chopped really finely, seasoned with some spices, lemon and garnished with pea shoots inside a cucumber cup
<strong>lemon and herbs Shrimp</strong>: Poached shrimp stamped with lemon zest, herbs on top of a white bread base + cream cheese
<strong>Duck and greens </strong>: Pan seared duck, wrapped with greens, roasted shallot dressing on brown bread base
<strong>Cherry tomato puff pastry</strong>: poached, blanched cherry tomato, carmelized shallots, cream cheese stuffing inside a puff pastry base
<strong>Parmesan cheese and chives </strong>: baked Parmesan cheese cones with a cream cheese and chives stuffing
<strong>Toasted sesame scallop </strong>: Pan seared scallop glazed with soy sauce and tossed in toasted sesame on a bed of frisse and cream cheese
<strong>Smoked salmon tower</strong>Smoked salmon with cream cheese in every level, topped with capers and jalapenos on top of a rye and base
<strong> Goat cheese and pecans</strong>: Candied pecans with herbs and goat cheese garnished with Italian parsley

I forgot what was in the last one but i hope you guys enjoy all these pictures. I know that i love looking at fine dining and traditional french cooking because there are so many techniques that are completely forgotten and untapped. Culinary isn`t just cooking. Sure you can just microwave something and it would be over and done with, but you eat with your eyes first. If it is presented nicely, you are more drawn into it right? Anyways enjoy :). Sorry you can`t eat the pictures too.

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