Horribly Skinny Models Of The World

5 years ago

What horrified me the most is when I see bones sticking out of someone`s body. It tears me up how these girls in these pictures just let it happen to them. 

I understand its a modeling industry, but having too lose hardcore weight is ridiculous! I bet if you put pictures of their before and after. Which we all know their before will win because that`s when they`re themselves. Like I said on my last post you shouldn`t change yourself for anyone. 

Here are pictures of girls I know their body looks very disturbing. :/ All three girls are so skinny you can actually see their clavicle & ribs popping out! I understand models want to look their best, but this isn`t healthy at all! You want to be able take care yourself and not hurting yourself.

1. What do you think about these girls?
2. What`s an average weight do you think models should actually weight?

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