Hop Into Springtime!!! How to embrace Spring Spirit.

Hi my lovely luuuxers and luuuxettes!
It`s come to be that time again. Springtime!! I absolutely love spring, in case you didn`t notice. The birds are chirping, the weather is that perfect medium and rain showers surprise us occasionally. Additionally, it`s my birthday!! I`m a maybaby. Anyways, spring is that time to start anew and refresh yourselves. Those new years resolutions that were tossed aside, can be reborn from their dusty graves. The weather is a bit more encouraging. I`m here today to share a few tips on how to catch Spring fever. It isn`t easy to adjust your mood after months of cold weather and early nights. I`ve made a little list of tips and tricks to help you ditch the winter blues.
1.) Get active. The weather will be nice all day, but go out for a morning run before the rest of the city awakes. Not only will you feel refreshed for the rest of the day, but it is an easy way to get fit. When ou`re enjoying the sunrise, you don`t have time to complain about how out of shape you are and before you know it, the pounds are being shed.
2.)Clean. I know that`s a bit cliche with the whole `spring cleaning` term and everything, but honestly, take advantages of the positive mood. When you want to feel refreshed, throw a few things into their proper places and liven up your room a bit. Before you know it, everything will be clean and you`ll feel great.
3.) Make a playlist. Spotify is my baby/ Whenever I`m home, I blast my music. I don`t know about the rest of you, but I have different playlist for different moods. Whenever I need a bit of uplifting happy music, I put on my SpringTime Playlist and jam out.
4.) Fashion change. Along with the weather, swap out your heavy makeup and layers of clothing for light airy outfits and fresh dewy faces. Try out that no makeup look you`ve seen around and those new floral culottes you weren`t so sure about.
5.) Posivitie Vibes.Just radiate good feelings. Spring is a time to make new connections and get rid of the old ones that harbor negativity. Any fake friends or pessimistic connections-dropped.
6.) Lastly :) Decorate. For inspiration, check out youtube I`ve already seen a few videos myself for diy room decor. They hardly cost a thing, and they honestly change the whole feeling in a room.
You are all lovely. I hope you enjoyed my tips. <3 Ashleigh

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