Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

4 years ago

Whenever I go to a Hong Kong Style Cafe, I always order either the Lemon tea or the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea.

Back when Hong Kong was still a colony of Britain, a lot of British expats brought along their culture to Hong Kong, which is why when you walk along the harbor, you see remnants of old English style offices. One of the things they brought over was their afternoon teas and it was an instant hit with Hong Kongers.

It`s basically a brewed Lipton Red Tea, using the red tea bags. Then they add evaporated milk and sugar syrup to it. When I used to work at a bubble tea and ramen place in high school, I knew how to mix every drink on the menu. So I knew exactly how to make the perfect Hong Kong milk tea =P

If its a hot tea, you only need 1 tea bag. It has to be the yellow box Lipton Red teas though. That gives it the distinct bitter, sour flavor. If it`s a cold tea, you add two bags. Then you add 1 tablespoon of evaporated milk for the hot tea and 1 1/2 for the cold one. A regular hot milk tea comes with packs of white sugar whereas for the cold one, sugar syrup is added. Sugar syrup is made using 2 parts boiling water and 2 parts white sugar. You continually mix until the sugar is dissolved. We usually add 1 1/2 tablespoons into a regular cold milk tea.

Have you guys tried this?

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