Honeybell Tangelos from Florida!

4 years ago

I ordered 4 trays of Honeybell Tangelos from a Ridge Island Grove in Florida back in November. Honeybells are only available for sale in January because thats when they are at their peak of freshness. I cannot stress how much these oranges are seriously the BEST orange I have had in my LIFE! Theyre a cross between an orange and tangerine. Typically theyre seedless but once in a while you do find a seed or two in an orange.

The skin is a little tougher than regular oranges and they are a little loose around the orange as the skin is with tangerines. The oranges are SUPER juicy and quite delicious. The only downside is I bought so much (I paid like $60 for the bushel) figuring it was the cheapest option that now I have SO many oranges lying around. I was going to sell a tray to my aunt (because last time I bought 2 trays people kept taking them from me) and this year no one wants any. Pfft!! I may try to make some fresh squeezed orange juice out of some of these. Nommers!

Have you ever tried Honeybell Tangelos?

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