Honey Stars Cereal

4 years ago

It`s very hard to find this cereal in North America even though its produced by Nestle because it`s more for an Asian market.

Honey Stars Cereal is one of the cheaper cereals to get in China. For some reason, cereal is considered a luxury item rather than breakfast items. Breakfast items in China consist of rice or congee, with some fried dough or eggs.

But being a Foreigner in China, I couldn`t get used to eating breakfast there because I really hate congee. So I bought these Honey Stars Cereal.

They`re really cute. They are golden yellow cereal shaped as a star with a hole in the middle. I always thought it`ll be cute to make a necklace out of them.

The cereal tastes very different as its made with a lot of eggs rather than flour. The cereal has the taste of condensed milk mixed with honey, which is more like a treat than a breakfast item. It was absolutely delicious! But I do end up eating 2 bowls for breakfast, which isn`t so great for my health as its mostly sugar, fat and calories. I end up clearing 2 boxes a week because they`re so addictive and I love eating them as snacks as well. The drawback is that because of the honey coating, its very sticky to handle.

I don`t believe there`s an equivalent cereal here in North America as the taste is very unique and I`ve tried almost every breakfast cereal here. I think its the ratio of the eggs and condensed milk. We don`t use those here much.

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