{Honest review} Freeman Feeling Beautiful Avocado amp Oatmeal Clay Mask

4 years ago

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Why I brought this?

1. I saw a pretty girl name princessjoules rave about this on her video: Best clay mask ever!

2. Then, I did some research on makeupalley,the rating is quite high.


Quite cheap!!$3.99 US (I brought it in Hong Kong for hk$30)


Squeeze-tube...I don`t know if it`s just me, but my tube deformed in my first use, maybe I squeezed too hard Lol!


Smooth and creamy,thick but not too thick, easy to spread!


I am not good at describing smell...to bring it simple: it smells quite nice for me!

immediate result after use:

1. It provides deep cleansing to my skin. It "absorbs" my excess oil and dirt, i feel very refreshing after use.

2.My skin feel brighter,tigher and smoother immediately after use.

3. My skin feel a little bit dry but not overly dry after using. But I still will Not recommend it to people with dry skin.

Does it removes blackheads?

First of all, i don`t have many blackhead to start with that`s why I cannot tell if it works. Actually, I regard it as a mask to Prevent blackheads instead of "Curing" it. I use it regularly to prevent accumulation of dirt into my skinwhich cause pimple and blackheads. Btw, my tiny blackheads seems to "disappear" after use. I think t works quite well for those "superficial" blackhead idk,lol

Does it cause irritation

1.It stings my eyes a little bit. So, remember to avoid getting into the eyes area!!

2.I don`t have sensitive skin. But still,sometimes, my skin rashes a little bit after use. I don`t know if it is caused by the product. So, I will Not recommend it to people with super-sensitive skin.

My Rating:3.8/5
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