Homemade Vegan Bun Rieu (AKA Bun Rieu Chay)

4 years ago

Hey everyone! My mom decided to cook some Bun Rieu today. Just for those who don`t know what Bun Rieu is, this isn`t your typical usual Bun Rieu. Bun Rieu is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup (not as popular as Pho) with seafood. Since my mom is a vegan, she likes to make this a lot but without the seafood (crab, squid, and so on). This is so delicious and definitely my favorite! My mom makes this so good that whenever she makes it and we have guests over, they can never believe that its full on vegan because its so tasty and filling. My mom makes this so good that I know that vegans would totally love to eat this all the time. If you are a vegan and you came over to my house whenever my mom cooked this, I know that you would love this 100% percent. My mom always gets complements whenever she makes this. My mom makes her own soup base using fruit and vegetables. There is no fruit in the actual soup and you can never taste or even hint that she used fruit in the base. She adds tofu (firm tofu and fried tofu), mushrooms, tomatoes, and some kind of tofu meat. This is so good and the whole family loves eating this. I love eating this so much that I have even forgotten what Bun Rieu with seafood tasts like. LOL It doesn`t make me miss it at all.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever had Bun Rieu before? Have you ever had Vegan Bun Rieu (AKA Bun Rieu Chay) before? What do you think of my mother`s dish? ==================================================================
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