Homemade Vase!

2 years ago

I`ve had quite an ugly vase sitting on my floor near my TV for a couple years and I finally decided to get rid of it and try my hand at crafting my own vase. Pinterest is full of wonderful DIY ideas and I found this one, which didn`t look too overly complicated and I happened to have the supplies at hand already. This vase is incredibly easy to make and adds a cute touch of boho shabby chic!

-Wine bottle (or other large bottle)
-Twine or rope
-Glue or tape

1. Select a bottle that`s the right size for you. I happen to have an extensive bottle collection in my kitchen so I had a lot to choose from. I went with a large wine bottle since it`s a classic shape and was big enough for what I wanted to put inside it.

2. Begin wrapping the twine or rope. Starting is probably the hardest part because the rope will want to slide off. If you want to wrap the whole bottle, start at the neck of the bottle and work downward. If you want to top to show, start at the bottom and work up, which is what I did. I attached the rope to the bottle with clear tape to keep it in place, and then worked on wrapping the rope in layers as I went up the bottle.

3. Make `secure` points along the way! To keep the rope or twine from sliding off or becoming loose, secure it with clear tape or hot glue it to keep it in place. I just used sporadic pieces of tape as I wrapped the bottle to keep everything from moving.

4. Tie it off when you`re done! When I reached the neck of the bottle, I tightly wrapped the rope and then cut it and tied it in a knot to keep it from unraveling. You can secure the top with hot glue, too, to keep it from sliding off or becoming loose around the bottle.

5. Admire your handiwork! I really like the way my new vase turned out - the wine labels on the bottle were covered up perfectly by the rope and the look of it fits right in with the rest of my apartment! I put some lighted flower branches in the bottle and they`re now sitting nice and pretty on my floor :)


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