Homemade Turkey Ceasar Sandwich Wrap?

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So, for the past couple of days I`ve been craving for Macy`s sandwich wraps. I don`t know if they have a cafe in all the Macy`s stores but the Macy`s where I live by, have a cafe. I use to go there a lot just to get their wraps. I get the same one every time I go there. I forgot the name of it though. But anyways, I decided to make my own. I`ve made this before but it`s been a while since I made it. It`s really easy to make and I just love it.

What you need:
Flour Tortilla (large burrito size)
shredded lettuce
shredded cheese
crushed croutons
shredded deli meats of your choice- I used turkey
tomatoes (optional)
salad dressing of your choice- I used ceasar dressing

1. Take your tortilla and lay it on a clean surface like a cutting board or tin foil.
2. Take a handful of lettuce and place it in the center of the tortilla
3. Take a desired amount of deli meat and sprinkle it on top of the lettuce
4. Squeeze the desired amount of salad dressing on top of the deli meats and lettuce
5. Sprinkle same crushed croutons and shredded cheese to top it off
6. Fold the sides together and roll the front of the tortilla upwards and roll the the end and then your done

Hopefully that was helpful. I`m really bad at explaining things so I really hope you guys try this out, it`s really delicious and healthy also.

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