Homemade Tuna Salad - Inexpensive Meal

What is one of your homemade `go to` meals that is delicious and inexpensive? For me, it would be making Tuna Salad, my boyfriend and I both enjoy Tuna Salad in sandwiches, on crackers, rice or you could even eat this by itself if you would like. Tuna salad doesn`t require much ingredients - you`ll need diced onions (I prefer red but I only had white), diced celery, canned tuna, mayo and mustard (I used dijon). The tomatoes were for my pizza so ignore that.

1 - I bought canned Albacore Tuna from Trader Joes, opened the can and drained most of the liquid (I kept some because the tuna is drenched in olive oil)
2 - I placed the Albacore Tuna in a large bowl and used my fork and smash the tuna into pieces
3 - I gradually put in the diced celery and onions (alternating)
4 - I gradually added mayo (to your liking, I used just 4 packets of mayo) and 1 packet of dijon mustard
5 - Place in the refrigerator until you`re ready to eat/serve.

Tuna Salad is great for lunch, dinner or even party samplers on crackers!

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