Homemade Tacos!

There`s nothing like homemade tacos when you have fresh ingredients, and that is what happens when there`s a farmer`s market weekend. I have to drive quite a distance to get to a farmer`s market, so I only go one weekend every month. Now I didn`t make these tacos, but my boyfriend did! He told me he wanted to make lunch for us, so he went grocery shopping this week and I did the laundry and vacuuming. On a side note, I think he`s regretting dividing the chores up that way because grocery shopping and making all our meals beats laundry and vacuuming any day!

Anyways, he picked up some of these mini tortillas, which I`ve never seen sold at the farmer`s market, but he said it was next to the booth with all the peppers. He also picked up purple radish, cucumber, and cold melon. THe rest of the ingredients he used on the tacos were things we already had at home, like onions, chicken, etc. He made baked chicken and pork, so we had a variety of meats. He tried to get all fancy like Food Network shows we watch, and I think he did a pretty great job!

These were delicious! The sauce was an odd concoction with vinegar, olive oil, bbq sauce, and cyan pepper.

Sometimes the really good food can only be made at home :)

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