Homemade Taco Soup

4 years ago

A few night back I made some really delicious taco soup. Hear me out before you think it is disgusting. It is not like liquid tacos... it has more of a chili feel/taste to it. After having it and realizing how good it was, I called my parents to give them the recipe to try. It is something that is easy to make, is extremely affordable, and will feed the family and probably still have left overs (depending on how many in your family and if you go for seconds, lol)

So, all you need for it is:

-1 lb ground beef
-packet of ranch dip mix
-packet of taco seasoning
-can of corn
-can of pinto beans
-can of kidney beans
-can of diced tomatoes
-can of diced tomatoes with chilies
-sour cream
-shredded cheddar cheese
-tortilla chips

First, I browned the meat. Then, I put the meat, the packets, and all of the cans into the slow cooker. Put the entire contents of the cans in with the exception of the beans. The beans you`ll want to drain and rinse before dumping in. Put the lid on and let it cook for 6-8 hours on low. You could definitely do this on the stove top. In fact, when I was telling my father about this meal he said that is probably how he`d do it just to cut down on time... and that is perfectly fine. You`re not really using the crock pot to tenderize the meat, which is typically why people select slow cookers for meat meals. But, if you are someone with a busy schedule and want dinner ready when you get home from work, the slow cooker is a good option. It will be cooking all day on very low temps and when you get home the flavors will be well blended, it`ll be hot, and you`ll be able to dip it right out into a bowl.

To serve it I just put a bit of the sour cream on the top as well as the shredded cheddar cheese. I have the chips on the side of the bowl in the photo, but when I went to eat I added another few that I crunched in my hands and sprinkled over the top.

I promise you, this is a delicious meal. It will be especially nice in the fall and winter when the weather cools down. If you wanted, too, you could leave out the meat entirely and just add more beans in. That would be perfectly fine if you aren`t a meat eater or just don`t feel like having beef at this meal.


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