Homemade Sushi featuring Yellow Fin Tuna

Are you a fan of sushi? What is your favorite sushi? I always get the California Roll because that`s the safest bet for me since nothing is raw and I know all the ingredients!

But lately, my friend`s been posting a bunch of photos of her fishing and catching fresh fish! I asked if she was selling any, and she gave me some freshly caught yellowfin tuna. She served her tuna raw, but since I`m a newbie the tuna cooked above isn`t that raw.

My dad marinated the tuna with just salt and pepper. He pan seared the tuna and when he finished cooking, he placed foil over the tuna so it cooks. As you can see above, the tuna is still raw but not extremely! Then, I bought seaweed wrapper from the Asian Market and wrapped with rice, sliced avocado and sliced cucumbers - very simple. To touch up the roll, we hand smashed nuts! I also bought soju but it was quite strong!

Overall: These were our first attempts at making this roll and me eating semi raw fish- not bad at all! Quite delicious with soy sauce!

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