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2 years ago

I`ve had sushi many times before and I`ve also had handmade sushi, but never before had I made my own sushi! This past weekend was my first time attempting to do it and I have to say it`s quite fun, and pretty simple to make!

The first thing you need to do is to gather all your ingredients which includes the seaweed, the rice and the stuff you wish to roll inside your sushi, and of course the bamboo that you will need to roll everything up. For me, I chose to put lots of vegetables, Sesame seeds and avocado in mine.
The first step to this is to take a scoop of the rice and place it on top of the seaweed until it reaches about 1cm in height. Make sure not to press down on the rice either. You want to cover the entire piece of seaweed with rice, but don`t make it too thick.

Now that you have the base prepared, here comes the fun part. Take your vegetables, meat, fish, or whatever you want to put inside and place it onto the rice. I would recommend placing your ingredients on only about 20% of the rice and not to make things too thick. The key here though is to make sure you don`t put too much inside or else your sushi will `explode` when you go to try and roll it up. For me, that was the mistake I made on my first sushi and it ended up being pretty messy and more like a `sushi salad` rather than roll.

After you have all this, it is time to roll! You need to carefully move the sushi to the top of the bamboo and from there you can roll it up. It`s hard to describe the rolling motion, but to me, it`s sort of a both a forward and backwards rolling motion. It took me a few tries to get this motion down, but with practice, it`s quite easy to pick up and to get a feel for the sushi. After it is rolled, all you have to do is carefully cut it and then you can eat it!

Are you a fan of sushi?
Have you ever tried making your own sushi?

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