Homemade Sushi

4 years ago

Hi guys , so today I made some sushi and they were extremely good and really easy to make !

The things you need :
a cucumber
seaweed sheets ( I got mine from a local asian food store )
sticky cooked rice
1 avocado
cold water in a glass
a sharp knife
a spoon
soy sauce
chopsticks if you want
a plate
a cutting board

So first , you have to put the seaweed sheet the right way . Put the smooth side on the cutting board , so the rough part is up . If your seaweed had half cut lines on it , make sure they`re parallel . Spread the rice , leaving an inch wide strip on the top . Place the sliced cucumber ( I used a half ) as shown in the picture above.

Then take your avocado , make sure it`s ripe ( a little bit squishy ) , slice it in half but be careful , there`s a surprise inside !

Don`t try to cut it , it will be mushy ! Scoop it out with a spoon instead .

Slice the avocado ( a like a lot of it on my sushi , so I put 1/4 of the avocado in 1 roll ) , add the fish . You can replace the fish with crab meat or anything else you want .

Then soak the sharp knife in cold water for a minute or so . I`m reusing the one I used to slice my avocado and cucumber .
Carefully cut the sushi without ripping the seaweed . If you feel that its hard to cut , dip it in the water again or change the knife with a sharper one .

Make sure to add Soy Sauce , Wasabi and eat with chopsticks like a pro sushi eater . I got all those things from a local asian store .

Do you like sushi ?

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