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4 years ago

Hi everybody!! Sushi time!! After watching some youtube vidoes and seeing so many posts here about sushi, I was just drooling all over and so I went out yesterday and bought a few ingredients to make my own. This is actually my 4th time making it. The first few times were just plain rice with seaweed and the egg ones. I love the ones I made this time better. I made inside out rolls with roasted white and black sesame seeds, california roll, and the spicy crab roll. And sometimes I just stuffed whatever I felt like into the rolls..hahaha.. As you can see in the pic, I drizzled the sauce all over the sushi, I didn`t care what kind it was..lol.. it was because I love the sauce. I used Krafts mayo to make the sauce cause I couldn`t find the Japanese mayo. I`ll have to check out a few more markets to see if they carry it. I`m not sure if there`s a big difference in taste between the two mayos though. If you do know, please let me know down below. Now of course I could`ve made a few more variety, like the eels ones or even the one I love so much called lion king. But I didn`t have time to find the recipes and I`m not much of a fan of raw fish on sushi. Oh, there`s this other sauce that I want too which is called the eel sauce. I didn`t have any luck with that sauce too, which means more research. I also needed some ginger too, oh and dipping them in soy sauce would taste hecka good too..awww... okay, I need to control myself. So, what is your favorite sauce for sushi?

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