Homemade Soft Pretzels

2 years ago

Wanting to bake more things these past few days, I decided to challenge myself into baking pretzels. I`ve seen those big soft pretzels that they sell at the malls, but I have yet to try it. I just wasn`t a huge fan of pretzels back then. Whenever I craved for some, I would just go to the grocery store to get those in the bags. Of course, those are totally different. And another thing is that my youngest child and his lunch buddies decided to have what they call `Thursday Feast` What that basically is, is that on each Thursday of the week, each person is responsible for bringing in a treat to share. This is perfect cause it gives me another excuse to bake even more...lol.. So I have decided to bake something new every week. But of course I have to test out the recipe first before I do actually let him bring the treats to school to share. So I asked him if he wanted to try some soft pretzels and he was like , oh yeah. So I searched for a recipe to try online and stumbled upon this certain one which had great rating. The recipe was very easy to follow and as always I read the reviews to pick up some tips or what not. And the most fun part of making the pretzels is where you do the pretzel twist. I actually did it mid air. I couldn`t believe it cause I thought it was gonna be hard. And after shaping all the pretzels, I dunked them into the baking soda bath, sprinkled some salt on it and baked it. And when it came out of the oven, I couldn`t believe how well it looked since it was my first time making pretzels.
For the taste, even though I have not tried the ones at the mall, these taste pretty good. But I can`t tell if it taste like the ones at the mall or even if it taste better than those. But I do know that they are good enough to eat and make again. But I will make some adjustments to the recipe the next time I make it, like sprinkle lesser salt on the pretzels and drop them in the boiling soda bath instead of just dunking them for a second or so.
So if you would like to try this recipe here is the link.....

If you do plan on trying the recipe or have tried please tell me how these compare to the mall ones.

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