Homemade shaved steak w peppers, onions, mushrooms amp salad

5 years ago

This was my dinner yesterday and my lunch today! I had some shaved steak in the refrigerator for me to cook and finally heading into the kitchen I decided it was best to cook since it was nearly 5:30. I put a teaspoon of olive oil into my pan and sliced up a large onion and put it in, letting it sauté. When the onions cooked for a few, I then added in my raw meat and let it begin to brown, moving it around so the meat wouldnt stay in one large hunk as it was in the package. I cooked it through, seasoning with sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, a tiny sprinkle of hamburger seasoning and a dash of Italian seasoning. When the meat was half-way cooked I then threw in half a bag of frozen chopped up peppers that I purchased from the grocery store and let them cook through while the meat finished off cooking. In another pan, I sprayed it with non-stick cooking spray and tossed in my pre-sliced mushrooms (the BF doesnt like mushrooms and I enjoy them with my steak), letting them cook. Halfway through the process I put some water into the pan to let them steam, since I didnt want to drown it in oil or butter. When the water evaporated I gave them a few spritzes of spray butter and removed from the pan once cooked. The meat and mushrooms came out great and were flavorful and the one thing I like about this shaved steak is, its SO lean for shaved steak.

For my sandwich? I used my staple (obsession) large pita bread. I put ¾ of a teaspoon of light mayonnaise on the bread, topped it with my meat and mushrooms, put a light drizzle of mustard and ketchup, some crushed hot peppers, some fresh diced tomatoes and some bagged salad. It was really good and quite filling.

What did you have for dinner and/or lunch?

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