Homemade setting spray

4 years ago

I have heard of setting sprays made by high end make up lines, I myself have never invested in one because I knew that if I tried it, I would like and have to buy it over and over again as it is something that I have heard nothing but good things about.
You can use setting sprays to moisturize your skin, set your make up, add some shine to your hair. If you look like you are cakey with too much powder you can spray some of this and that will help. It is great in the summer months because it prevents your make up from moving. If your foundation dries before you buff into your skin all the way, you can spray some of this on your brush and then apply the make up. Pretty much everything and anything.
Now lots of companies also make a mixing medium, they will sell you this with your pigment eye shadows so that those don`t fall off your face. Mixing medium is also very versatile in its uses. The funny part is that its the very same thing as finishing spray just in different packaging... damn!
Now the really funny part (the not so funny but more the part that is going to piss you off) about all of this is that finishing spray and mixing medium are both nothing more than glycerin and water. Sorry.


1 part pure glycerin (You can find it in the facial care, pharmacy, cooking, or even craft stores)
3 parts Filtered water (not sure where to find that...)
Something to put it in (spray bottle is the best idea I can come up with)
All you do is mix 1/4 glycerin to 3/4 water inside a spray bottle and use. That would be if you have combination skin. If you have oily skin try 1/5 glycerin to 4/5 water and if you have dry skin try using 1/3 part glycerin to 2/3 parts water. If you have redness in your skin you can add some rose water, that will also give it a nice rose smell.
Glycerin is also used in cooking, many beauty products and medicines. Its a lubricant, moisturizer, and heals burns, its also good for colds.
I hope you enjoyed this, I know that I did, I am so happy to know that I could make a gallon of this stuff for under $5 bucks! SWEET!

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