Homemade Salsa.. my style :)

4 years ago

(Pictures are mine, please do not take)

soo while making this salsa tonight, i thought about Luuux, kinda late, so i snapped 2 pictures! I have this wierd unhealthy obsession with salsa. It probably doesnt look to good to some of you, lol I guess its just preferences, but my oh my it is delicious!

Ive been making it for a few years, its just a recipe i came up with and stuck to! I use a $20 blender/mixer thing I ordered off Amazon a while ago. Its not powered or anything, its a hand crank you use.. I like them better, lol.

All I put in my salsa is ;
-fresh or can jalapeno
-salt and pepper
-lemon juice

and then you mix it all up and tada! its done. I like my salsa with alot of juice, so thats what you see. :) Hehe

Hope it doesnt look too crazy to post, Lol. Its soo delicious!

I actually tried making guacamole the other night and it was horrible, im not sure what i did wrong! :(



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