Homemade Rafaello !

Hey guys , here i will be telling you how to make that delicious dessert yummm ..)) Well rafaello are actually these super delicious candys .
They are super easy to make , it will take some time tho just for the filling to chill in a fridge .. so lets begin..

You will need :

*White chocolate 200g
*Fresh cream 120 ml
*Butter 25g
*Coconut shavings 150g
*Almonds or hazels (about 24 of them)
* A pinch of salt

So these are the ingridients you will need to make that yummyumm..
so for the beginning take any bowl .Take white chocolate and brake it to pieces , put them into a bowl and pur the fresh cream into it .
After just put the bowl into a microvawe , when it starts to boil take it out and stir. Now when the mixture is ready allowe it to cool down to room temperature.

When its cooled down Pour 15-20g of coconut, a pinch of salt and put a piece of butter into it. Stir the mixture again and send it to the cooler place like fridge . It has to cool for about 5-6 hours . What i did is i made the mixture in the evening and i left it to cool down in a fridge for the night.

Now take it out , the mixture is still a bit liquidy .. dont worry . Take a mixer and VzzZzZhhhHhhhh... mix it til it will go harder :) ! Now when the mixture is completely ready we are goin to start making d rafaello!!

Pour 50g of coconut on the plate , now here we gna start creating the candys.
Take 2 tea spoons ( you gonna grab the mixture with one spoon and throw it into the coconut with other - makes it easier) . Now pour a litle bit ( 1 tea spoon) of mixture on the coconut and put your hazel/Almond into the middle . Now start creating a ball so that d hazel wud be in the midle inside of the ball. cover it all with coconut. When you are ready making your candys stick them back into d fridge for about 1hr .

and now you are ready to eat your delicious homemade Rafaello :)!! Hope you will like them !!

Enjoy! xx

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