Homemade Paula Deen Inspired Crabcakes On Brown Rice With Sauteed Vegetables

4 years ago

Me and the man haven`t had crabcakes since last summer when we were in Banff and dined at the Fairmont Banff Springs and oh they were so good from what I remember. Since we had brought home a bunch of cooked crab when we went to Newfoundland, I decided it`d be great to make use of it and make some crabcakes. I used meat from 2 crabs and used this recipe as a base http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/crab-cakes-with-lemon-dill-sauce-recipe/index.html. I did however make changes because Paula Deen is unhealthy and her health problems prove it. So we don`t want to end up like her lol. I used the following to make the crabcakes:

2 spring/green onions finely chopped
a quarter of a red bell pepper finely chopped
a clove of garlic minced
an egg
cayenne pepper
cracked black pepper
onion and garlic powder
1/2 cup of bread crumbs

I do not measure herb/spices I just put them in lol

For the sauce I used

dried dill
cracked black pepper
honey mustard
lemon zest
a few squeezes of lemon juice

Ideally I would`ve liked fresh dill but my fiance isn`t home often enough to justify buying fresh herbs unless it`s for something I really know will make a big difference.

I did not put mine into the oven. I cooked them on 6 on the stove top for about 8 minutes in total. Make sure you spray with pam or some sort of oil spray because two of them turned out not so pretty cause they got stuck on the pan haha.

I also made us some brown rice and sauteed some zucchini, bell pepper, onions and mushrooms in some sesame oil and added some cracked pepper and garlic pepper to them.

Have you had crabcakes?
Do you enjoy them?
Do you think Paula Deen is unhealthy? Lol

Picture is mine and you do not have permission to use it.

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