Homemade Pate Chaud

4 years ago

*my photo* So I always crave this but the nearest Asian bakery near me is not so close by lol. Also, for some reason, I was really in the mood to try to make these myself because it`s like a meat pie and fruit pies are SUPER easy to make. All you need is filling and store bought puff pastry!! lol. So I decided to google a recipe and I found a blogspot that made this. All you need is Farmer John`s Braunschweiger (gives the pate taste), ground turkey, onions, pepper, salt, and puff pastry! (Okay that was off the top of my head, I COULD be missing ingredients but I don`t think I am). It`s really really simple! Now you let the puff pastry thaw but not completely or else it`ll be hard to work with! Cut it into circles (or squares if you want that.. lol), fill it with a spoonful of meat mixture (mix all of the ingredients that`s not puff pastry together), put a circle of puff pastry on top, squeeze them together and indent with a fork so they stay and oh! i remember, you need an egg wash batter! and brush the egg on the top so when you bake it it becomes golden brown! i forgot how long you bake it for though.. LOL. anyways, it came out deeelicous! haha. i`d rather just buy store bought. this was too much work for me x)) i hate working with puff pastry! give pate chaud a try if you can! i love it (:

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