Homemade Pasta (1st Time)

4 years ago

I will admit that I am not the cook of the house. In fact, I would say that I have terrible cooking skills ha. I do not fall under the stereotype that all women can cook. Cooking is enjoyable from time to time, but honestly the reason why I dislike cooking is wellI am afraid of the stove ha. Fail. The part that scares me is the fact that when the oil is heating up and you put whatever youre cooking in the pan, the oil makes that scary popping sound and it flies out everywhere. I actually have burned myself cooking before from the oil. So you could say its a childhood trauma.

But anyways, I decided to face my fears and offer to cook dinner tonight. So probably one of the easier dishes to make would be pastaat least thats what I thought. Cooking the raw pasta was easy as cake. But when it came to making the sauce I kind of had troubles. I first started off cooking the ground beef (oil did scare me, but I survived). Then adding other ingredients, but what I had troubles with was when the sauce started to boil and splat everywhere. I tried stirring it so it wouldnt boil as much (and I turned down the heat setting), but some of the hot sauce splatted on my arms. It was a bit painful since I was wearing a T-shirt.

What I used:

-Penne Pasta
-Ground Beef
-Pasta Sauce
-Bay Leaves
-Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese in Medium

Do you understand why I dislike cooking so much? Ha its okay, I am taking small baby steps. Hopefully I will be able to cook like a normal person one day. I forgot to mention that as I was cooking the ground beef, I had to wear oven mitts, cause I was scared of the oil splattering my hands. I am a failure at cooking :( But overall, it didnt taste as bad as I thought it would.

Do you enjoy cooking? What should I cook next?

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