Homemade Misubi w Sesame Seed Sauce

5 years ago

(These are my own photos!)

Hey Luuuxers! On a rainy day in California staying indoors, I decided to cook for once. I decided to make misubi! Although the picture from my iPad does not do justice in capturing how great this dish might be, I can assure you that it is quite delicious. If you had not had misubi before, it`s spam wrapped in seaweed with teriyaki sauce. A traditional Hawaiian dish! Here is how you can try it (from my own beginner`s recipe):

- A can of spam (Cut into rectangle, blocks)
- A pack of seaweed
- Regular (Not sticky) white rice
- Teriyaki sauce (Sorry, not much of an advanced cook to being able to make my own homemade teriyaki sauce. Same goes for the sesame seed sauce)
- Sesame sauce, or your own prefered dipping sauce

Simple and easy:
1) Cook the spam into cut pieces, season in soy sauce until seared.
2) Have cooked rice ready and cooled.
3) Take your seaweed placed flat, add rice and spam on the edge of seaweed.
4) Add teriyaki sauce on top
5) Carefully roll the seaweed into a roll.
6) Bam! Enjoy as you continue rolling. (;

Tell me what you guys think!

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