Homemade Mini Steamed Pork Buns

4 years ago

my mom`s homemade steamed pork buns seriously are the best! store bought frozen ones can`t measure up at all. she makes everything from scratch, from the filling to the bread part on the outside. i didn`t help her at all because i have absolutely no idea how to make these (dumplings i can do, but these are a no go for me haha) BUT i did help her figure out that we could use wax paper on the bottoms before steaming so they wouldn`t stick together like the last time we made them. chyeah, meaningful contributions for the win! it was kinda funny though because i was really hungry and i took a big bite of my bun and i chewed/swallowed some of the wax paper.

oh, and she made them really small today so they fit in the palm of my hand. SO FLIPPING ADORABLE!

while the filling is quite flavorful, we do like to add some hot sauce just because it adds a bit of an extra kick.

do you like pork steamed buns?

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