Homemade Mario Mushroom Bracelets

4 years ago

So I was a little unsure about where to put this post because technically jewelry is fashion but I made them so I put it in design instead because I designed the bracelet and how it would look?
I`m a pretty crafty person and I`m always trying to find ways to make jewelry that fits my tastes and likes! So a while back, like 4 years ago, I picked up a book by Klutz called Shrink Art Jewelry (if you wanna purchase it or take a look at it: http://www.klutz.com/craft-book/Shrink-Art-Jewelry?merch_location=Product%20Detail%20You%20May%20Also%20Like) So after I purchased this book, it gave me so many ideas about jewelry making using Shrink Dinks paper. The book talks about how to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings!
I`m always a sucker for cute things and honestly I have an obcession with the Mario mushrooms and I can never find jewelry that is simple enough (ie: just like a pendant on the bracelet). So I decided to make one myself! So basically Shrinky Dinks paper is like tracing paper, but its made of plastic instead. All I did was print off a Mario mushroom picture and then placed my Shrinky Dinks paper over the picture and traced and colored in everything, then I cut it out and baked it in the oven! The purpose of baking is to shrink (hence the name Shrinky Dinks) plastic so that it becomes smaller. After its done baking, I spray a thin layer of acrylic sealer over it to prevent any color from rubbing off or staining my wrists when I wear it! The pictures where you see the red mushroom with the hold on the top, that was my first attempt, but I clearly didn`t do it right because the colors were a tad bit off and I re-thought about the placement of my hole. The first picture is the final product, I redid the red one and I also did a blue and green one as well!
Basically now when I wear these, I wear them together (kinda like stacked bracelets) because it just doesn`t seem right to only wear one! Today, when I went out with my boyfriend, I rocked these three bracelets with my Mario t-shirt, and honestly, I thought I was pretty cool ahah! I`m currently testing to see what other characters I can do that will look nice as a bracelet.
What do you think about this? Is it too kiddish for a 22 year old? Have you tried making jewelry with Shrinky Dinks paper before?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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