Homemade `Lofthouse` Cookies

8 months ago

Hello my fellow Luuuxers!

Today I want to share these delicious cake like cookies I had made for my kids friends for Valentines. These are homemade, all made from scratch. They are supposed to taste like Lofthouse cookies. I haven`t tried Lofthouse before so I can`t attest to that. But I can say these are delicious!

These cookies are soft and the texture is cake like. So if you don`t like cake like cookies you might wanna skip these cookies. But if you like cookies no matter what, you might wanna try these out. And on top is some yummy frosting that really compliments the cookie. And to add some more spark and fun, sprinkles!

I have two different recipes I would like to share. The blue and pink frosted cookies were made with these recipe I found on YouTube....

The other batch of cookies were made with this recipe....

2 C cake flour
1/2 C flour
1 C sugar
1/2 C unsalted butter, softened
1 egg
1 egg white
1/4 C shortening
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp salt
2 1/2 tsp vanilla

Sift flours, salt, baking powder and cream of tarter together and set aside. In a bowl or mixer, cream together the butter and sugar. Then add the egg and egg white and mix. Then add in the vanilla and mix. Then add in the dry ingredients and mix until incorporated. Then you put the dough in the fridge for 3 hours. After 3 hrs, take out dough and scoop I to balls, a little smaller than a golf ball size. Flatten ball to about 1/3 inch thickness. Bake at 375 for 10-11 on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Remove and place on cooling rack. After cookies have cooled, you can ice with your choice of icing.

The icing I used for both cookies is the one in the video.
The difference between these recipes is that one calls for sour cream which you can replace with yogurt. But if you do I suggest you put the dough to chill in the fridge for a couple hours too otherwise the dough will be real sticky and hard to handle. You can also flour your hands.
And if you don`t have sour cream or yogurt, the 2 nd recipe doesn`t require it but it does require cake flour. And you should let the icing dry before stacking.

I got many compliments for these cookies. I hope you like them too! Enjoy!


***pictures belong to me, please don`t use without permission ***

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