Homemade, last-minute Bruschetta!

4 years ago

Homemade Bruschetta recipe

Last week my mom visited a local bakery on her way home from work and brought home some fresh baguettes. However after a few days, we still had one last loaf that was quickly going to so stale if we didnt eat it. My mom was going to use it to make croutons, but instead I offered to make brushchetta to go with our dinner that evening. Its a quick and easy dish and great for a last minute dish!

First I took some fresh vine tomatoes and diced them. I used about 7 or 8 and had more than enough for the whole baguette. Since dicing can lead to lots of excess moisture, I drained the tomatoes in a sieve while I prepared the rest. I also took a red onion and diced it finely adding to the tomatoes. I usually add some chopped green onion to the mixture too, but we didnt have any. Sometimes I like to add chopped olives, but again, we didnt have any. This was a very last minutes bruschetta! LOL Instead I added some dried oregano, black pepper, just a little bit of olive oil and crushed garlic. I dont like adding salt since it draws moisture out of the tomato, and you want to avoid that so your bread gets nice and crispy and not soggy. Once you mix it all up, take your slices of French bread and brush with a little bit of olive oil and top it with the tomatoes mixture. One you are done, top the whole thing with grated cheese (I used mozzarella since it already has a salty sort of flavour which makes up for not putting salt in the mixture earlier). If you have any excess of the tomato mixture, it works great as a salsa for tortilla chips!

I usually just put it under the broiler at high heat until the cheese melts and the bread is toasted.

Have you ever made bruschetta at home? Will you try this recipe?

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