Homemade Korean BBQ amp Soup!

4 years ago

*Picture belong to me (: Hello again! My /viz/korean-bbq-samgyupsal-honey-pig, which was Korean BBQ/Samgyupsal! I wanted it so much again, my boyfriend and I made it at home a little while ago :D It`s actually quite simple and easy to eat at home, it`s just a pain to clean up afterwards :T Regardless, it`s super yummy, and I recommend trying it at least once in your life if you haven`t! __________________________________________________ Korean BBQ: Samgyupsal () Samgyupsal is simply pork belly strips. It`s sometimes known as the Korean Bacon, but it`s quite far from it! Usually, Korean people will grill, but my boyfriend and I decided to try broil it in the oven instead. We put the meat on a disposable baking tray with holes in it so the grease could seep out through the holes into a pan we placed under the tray. We also put mushrooms on the tray as well. After the meat was done broiling, we took it out of the oven. It smelled so good and the mushrooms were filled with juice that makes them super yummy to eat! You can eat samgyupsal a multitude of ways, but I normally dip the meat in sesame oil & salt/pepper sauce, then wrap it in a piece of lettuce with rice, samjang (red pepper & soybean paste mixed together), a mushroom, and seasoned & sliced scallions. It`s so very delicious! Soup: Soybean Paste Soup/Dwenjang Jjigae () This is a very popular Korean soup that is usually served with a main meat entree. The broth is usually made out of water, anchovies, and kelp; then soybean paste (sometimes red pepper paste as well) is added to create the soup. Other ingredients added can include tofu, mushrooms, onions, scallions, chili peppers, etc. In ours, we put in enoki mushrooms, tofu, onions, and scallions. So yummy, and soybean paste is actually good for your health! Drinks: Asian Plum Drink () & Korean Alcohol/Soju The drink on the left is a drink made from a Korean company out of Asian plums (aka Chinese plums/Japanese apricots). It`s really yummy and complements the meat well (in my opinion). The drink in the bottle on the right is an alcoholic drink from Korea called Soju. I`m no sure if I`m allowed to talk about alcoholic beverages on Luuux, but it`s truly a staple of Korean culture. The only reason why I included it in the post was because it`s in the picture, and it`s very commonly consumed with Samgyupsal! ^^; __________________________________________________ Thanks for reading/viewing! I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully try this sometime at home if you`re interested :D If you have an Asian market near you, all of the ingredients necessary to create these dishes should be available. Everything is very delicious and I enjoyed both making and eating it all with my boyfriend :) Leave any questions or comments you have for me down below! As always, feel free to rate, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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