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5 years ago

Earlier today, my brother and I went to the little Korean Market in my town to pick up some ingredients to makes sushi (California roll) since we had a lot of imitation crab from the baked salmon not too long ago. My brother mainly does all the cooking, I just tagged along for the ride. Actually, I was dragged along but it`s whatevs. LOL While, I was in the snack section (the reason why I came) >.< my brother comes out saying he feels like making kimbap instead.

I wasn`t paying and I like kimbap to so I didn`t really care what we ate. Plus, both rolls use the same main ingredients to roll with: seaweed wrap and sushi rice. Only different we needed a few more ingredients for the kimbap. At the korean market we also picked up pickled radishes and imitation crab logs. After the korean market, we stopped at Albertsons to pick up some cucumbers and canned tuna.

I`m not 100% sure what went into what. I didn`t really do the prepping. I just helped with the rolling. LOL But most likely if you google: kimbap recipe you`ll find a bunch of different recipes and variations. (BTW we didn`t bother to make california rolls)

First you need to prepare the rice. After cooking the rice, you need to let it cool down. While it is cooling down you add in a little bit of sugar and vinegar.

Second is prepare the items to go into the kimbap. The kimbap in the picture has many different ingredients: Avacado (we already had at home), cucumbers, pickled radishes, canned tuna, and imitation crab log (the packaging says fish cakes). Everything was cut up into long thing pieces besides the crab log. Also the canned tuna was sauteed on a pan to evaporate the juice and seasoned with some sesame oil and garlic sauce.

Third is to roll the kimbap which is the easy part after some practice. All you do is place a sheet of seaweed paper down, then cover it with a thin layer for rice. Next align the ingredients and lastly roll! It`s easiest to do with a bamboo roll but we misplaced it. Once you`re done rolling the kimbap you cut it into pieces and eat. NOM NOM NOM!

>> What is the difference between sushi and kimbap? Well first of all there not much of a different besides the ingredients inside and that Kimbap is Korean and sushi is Japanese. Most likely kimbap was introduced after sushi but who knows.

We made a butt load. LOL I brought a small container to my best friend who was working down the street and I knew she would be hungry and I still have enough for lunch tomorrow. =D

<strong>Do you like kimbap? Have you ever tried to make kimbap or sushi? What did you have for dinner?</strong>

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