Homemade Kimbab! (aka quotKorean Sushi)

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to make Kimbab () for lunch :) If you know the process of making Kimbab, I`m sure you`re probably thinking we`re either crazy....or we have a lot of time on our hands! We actually wanted to make some kimbab, along with other things, to go on a picnic date (cheesy, yes :P), but the weather wasn`t all that nice where we live so we just ended up eating it at home :( Regardless, it was fun making it with him, and we of course enjoyed eating it too :D


<em>Kimbab, also known as the Korean Sushi, is a popular food in Korea to eat as a snack (often with spicy rice cakes/ddukbokki) or alone a meal. It`s basically a dried seaweed rice roll with a variety of ingredients on the inside. There are many different kinds of Kimbab, but when you make it at home you can put essentially whatever you want in it!</em>

<strong>Step 1: Gather Your Materials & Ingredients</strong>:
º Kimbab Mat/Roller (usually made out of wood)
º Short Grain Rice
º Roasted Seaweed (specifically for making Kimbab)
º Sesame Seed Oil
º Salt
º Whatever ingredients you`d like to include; in ours we combinations of kimbab ham, cucumbers, yellow pickled radish, carrots, eggs, canned tuna, crabsticks, kimchi, sesame seed leaves, and cheese!

<strong>Step 2: Season, Slice, & Cook Whatever Need Be</strong>:
º Cook the rice! After it`s done, let it cool for a little bit, then season with salt, sesame seed oil, and (optional) sesame seeds.
º Slice carrots and then sauté them (add a pinch of salt for flavoring).
º Cut the ham/spam and fry it.
º Crack the eggs, beat them in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, fry the eggs.
º Slice cucumbers (season them with salt as well).
º Chop the kimchi into small pieces.

<strong>Step 3: Roll & Slice the Kimbab!</strong>:
º Take the kimbab mat/roller and place one piece of roasted seaweed on it.
º Place about a handful of rice on top of the seaweed and spread evenly, leaving about an inch of empty space at the top.
º Place whatever ingredients you`d like on top of the rice in even lines (towards the lower half of the seaweed).
º After all of the ingredients are inside, use the mat to roll the lower end of the seaweed over the ingredients (creating a roll) and then firmly press down on the mat.
º Repeat the previous step once more, and then firmly seal everything in!
º After all of the Kimbab is rolled, wait about 10 minutes, then slice into circular pieces.

<strong>Step 4: EAT! ^^</strong>:
º Self-explanatory!


The process is pretty tedious, but it`s actually fun if you make it with a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse :) The great thing about Kimbab is that you can put whatever you want inside! I made 2 different kinds of Kimbab: one with ham, tuna, radish, cucumbers, egg, kimchi, and carrots; then another with ham, cheese, cucumbers, egg, and radish! They were all super yummy :D

If you haven`t tried Kimbab before, I highly recommend it! It`s so yummy and includes lots of different foods from the different food groups :D If you don`t want to go through the hassle of making it, they do sell it at most Asian/Korean markets.

Thanks for reading/viewing this post! I hope you enjoyed it :) <em>Let me know if you`ve ever tried Kimbab before, and if you have, what do you think about it? Leave any questions or comments below!</em>

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