HOMEMADE: Jamaican Beef Patty amp Coco Bread

5 years ago

I had the ingenious idea to make homemade Jamaican beef patty AND coco bread. I went to the market and picked up the few things I needed (scotch bonnet pepper, some extra flour, a pound of lean beef, plain bread crumbs and beef stock). I will say this was a hefty time-stealing process! I made a double batch (20 patties and coco bread in total), which doubled the time spent. If I had an industrial kitchen I could have inevitably cut my time in half. The reason it took so long (and Im talking 5 ½ <em>HOURS!</em>) was because you have to make the bread dough, then let it rise for an hour, then cut the dough, roll it out, butter it, fold it, let it rise THEN bake it. Since I have a regular sized oven I had to do this process twice. I have 2 racks in my oven and I never bake on the bottom rack (Ive learned the hard way, burning up a tray of cookies because I just wanted to finish baking!). But with the bread, you had to put a pot of hot water in the bottom to help steam the bread while it was baking. I will say the bread came out AMAZING! My first batch of bread, I forgot to add the sugar in right away with the yeast and added it after I put the dry ingredients in. It puffed up, but not completely.

Now for my patty, you had to make the hamburger mixture in a pan and then add in bread crumb, beef stock and make it be a thicker filler mixture. After that I then made two separate bowls of pastry dough. I bought a handheld sifter which was a big pain in the butt to use, I should have stuck with my guns and just bought a wire basket since it would have sped up THAT process a lot faster. After it was combined and ready to go I cut the dough in half and rolled each out individually. They werent squared as regular store bought beef patties are, they reminded me of pastellitos/empanadas, just due to the shape, but they tasted good. Next time I will be adding in a lot more scotch bonnet pepper to make them spicier, since they just werent spicy for me. I brought some patties and coco bread over to my dad to try and was telling him about the process and he told me if I want to cut back the time, use the frozen Goya discos and just stuff them with my patty meat and bake them off in the oven. Ill probably be trying that next time.

Overall, they really turned out well! Id be adding a lot more hot pepper since I like mine to have a slight kick to it. But these will undoubtedly be something I make for a special treat not all the time. Thats solely because it is time consuming to make.

Have you ever had a Jamaican beef patty?
Would you ever try making either of these at home?

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