Homemade Iced Caramel Macchiato

4 years ago

Who loves iced coffee drinks!! This here is a cup of iced caramel macchiato that I made at home. You don`t need a blender to make this drink. This recipe calls for 1 shot of espresso but you could also use double strength coffee and that is what I used cause I don`t have a espresso machine yet but I am eyeing one that I saw at walmart for around $40. I found this recipe on youtube and I just wanted to share this with you cause you know how pricey it can get at Starbucks. I`ve only tried starbuck`s iced caramel macchiato once so don`t remember does it taste exactly the same or not, but my husband loves it. So if you decide to try this let me know if it is even close to the ones they make at starbucks. So let me share how you make this.
You will need coffee or esperesso, vanilla syrup, milk, ice and caramel sauce.

~~First place 4 pumps of caramel sauce into a tall cup or around 2 Tbs
~~The pour about 1 cup of milk into the cup
~~Then put some ice cups into the cup
~~Next slowly pour in the espresso or doubel strength coffee and you should only fill it so it only goes no more than halfway into the milk
~~Finally drizzle some caramel sauce on top of the ice and enjoy. You can also add whipped cream before drizzling the caramel sauce.

One thing I would love to mention is that I used hershey`s caramel syrup but I also saw that Torani carried caramel sauce for around $5.99. I wonder if anyone knows if the hershey`s caramel syrup and torani caramel sauce is the same thing or do they taste different?

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