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I actually learned to make real ice cream in school. I would say this is actually really close to the Haagen dazs but I would say for this recipe, I would put a little bit of vermouth in it so it doesnt harden so much. Why would you put alcohol into ice cream you ask? Well if you guys didnt know, alcohol cannot freeze. You can put alcohol into the freezer, and it will never in a million years freeze. Another tip is to cool the mixture completely down so that it can work fast in the machine. Long long time ago when I was a kid, I tried the ice cream machine my mom bought but it didnt work and it just tired out into frozen milk. That didnt go well LOL. So I was quite excited when this ice cream worked out! Its fattening though so beware XD.

7 egg yolks
200 g sugar
500 mL milk
250 g whipping cream
Coffee beans (optional, depending on what flavour you want; I will include more flavour options down below)

1) If you are going to make coffee ice cream, grind your coffee beans to a medium grind and heat up your milk + cream. Turn your heat down to medium low and let the coffee infuse into the milk and cream mixture.

2) Whisk together sugar + egg yolk in a bowl.

3) Once the cream + milk is done infusing, tamper the eggs. Tampering means to heat up the egg yolk mixture slowly and not suddenly so that the eggs wont scramble. To do so, ladle some cream into the egg yolk mixture while whisking. Keep doing so until you are done adding all the cream.

4) Transfer the mixture back into the pot and turn the heat back on medium low. Make sure you dont burn your cream or over cook your eggs! This mixture is very very delicate! NEVER BOIL THIS MIXTURE or you will have to start over again. Heat until it coats the back of the spoon. To taste if it is done, dip your spoon into the mixture and if you can create a clean crisp line like the picture above, its done.

5) Cool the mixture down with a bed of ice until it is completely cool. Put it into your ice cream machine and let the magic happen. My ice cream machine is Cuisineart Frozen Yogurt- Ice cream & sorbet maker which sells now for about $59. This is a very old model but I think it works nicely, dont need anything fancy if it gets the job done. It took about 30 mins for the ice cream to form, youll know when you see it you ice cream eaters :D.

6) Let the ice cream rest in the freezer overnight and then its time to eat your heart out :D.

* completely forgot to take a picture of the ice cream. Sorry*

<strong>Over flavour options</strong>
-Vanilla : Add one vanilla pod into the pot when heating up the milk and cream. To do so, slice the pod in half and using the back of the knife, scrap all of the beans and mix into the cream + milk.
-Chocolate + Rum: Prepare recipe of vanilla ice cream; eliminate vanilla and use 1/3 less sugar, add 100 g melted semi sweet chocolate and 30 mL dark rum.
-Maple + pecan ice cream: Same recipe, eliminate sugar and vanilla. Add 200 mL real maple sugar once mixture has cooled. Fold in 150 g chopped pecans once mixture is removed from machine.
-Strawberry ice cream: Same recipe, eliminate 150 mL fresh strawberry coulis. Once frozen, & removed from machine, add 100 g diced fresh strawberries.
-Mango: Same recipe, eliminate vanilla and 150 mL of cream. When picture is cool, add 150 mL mango puree (can buy them in a can). Once frozen and removed from machine, add 100 g diced fresh mango.
-Lemon: Same recipe, replacing vanilla for 60 mL freshly squeezed lemon juice and 5 mL grated lemon zest.
-Pineapple: Same recipe, eliminate vanilla and reduce sugar by 100 g. Cook 150 g of diced ripe pineapple with 150 g sugar and 100 mL water until syrupy. Puree pineapple mixture and stir it into the ice cream mix.
-Hazelnut: Same recipe , eliminate vanilla. Add 100g finely chopped roasted hazelnuts. After roasting, place hazelnuts in cloth and vigorously rub to remove skins.
-Pistachio: Same recipe, eliminate vanilla. Add 100 g very finely chopped peeled pistachios and 30 mL almond liqueur. To peel, blanch in boiling water and shock in ice water then peel.

*All pictures are mine*

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