Homemade Flan!

3 years ago

Hello everyone!!
I loveeee any kind of dessert, its my biggest weakness and one of my favorite desserts to have is actually one i know how to make, it`s sort of a recipe that everyone in my family knows and loves plus its super easy. It`s flan or quesillo. Here`s the way i make it! Btw, this will only last a few days in my house! lol

First i get a baking pan that has a lid and in there i pour about 1/2 a cup of sugar. I heat it for a few minutes, moving it constantly and carefully to make sure it doesnt burn. After the sugar is melted i move it all around the pan to make sure no spot is left uncovered (the sugar helps it not stick to the pan). you can leave it to cool on its own or run the bottom through some cold water (if you hear it cracking it`s okay, it should be)

Than i move on to the flan mix. I put in a blender 5 eggs (some people use more), a 13 oz can of condensed milk, 13 oz of regular milk (you can use whichever works for you, whole, 2% evaporated) lastly i add about 3 tablespoons of vanilla, sometimes more but i love the taste!!

You blend that for about 2 minutes and than just pour in into the baking pan, now you put that pan into a pot filled with water. You want to cover the baking pan with a lid and not have too much water so that it goes into the pan when you boil it. You want it to be about halfway when the pan is in the pot.

Now you wait about 30-45 mins and put a knife to it, just like a cake if it comes out clean than its ready! Wait for a few minutes for it to cool a little but dont wait too long cause it`ll start to stick!! Pass a knife through the sides of the pan, put a plate on top of the pan and flip it!! Let it cool out for a good amount off time than put it in the fridge to cool! Than its ready to eat!! yum yum!!

I hope you enjoy the recipe and make try it yourself!! If you have ANY questions, feel free to comment and ask (:
Happy eating!

*Pictures are mine*

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