Homemade Egg McMuffin?


Today for breakfast, I decided to treat myself. Usually, I just have cereal and fruit and milk - nothing really special. But this morning, I was really craving McDonald`s Egg McMuffin`s. But I knew I had to resist since it`s not healthy. But then it hit me like a yellow school bus - I can just make my own Egg McMuffin. It should be healthier, so this is what I did:

1. I took an english muffin
2. I fried an egg
3. While the egg was hot, I put it on the english muffin and put the cheese (so the cheese would melt)
4. I added a slab of ham
5. I added condiments (ketchup, salt, etc...)

And it was so good! It almost tasted the same as McDonald`s, but healthier.

So now, I have a few questions for you...
1. Have you ever made your own Egg McMuffin?
2. Do you like McDonalds?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO :)

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