Homemade Croutons! (Recipe)

4 years ago

Hey lovies!

It`s been a while since I`ve posted anything on luuux, but I absolutely had to share my crouton recipe!

I`ve already mentioned it far to many times to count, but I no longer indulge in processed foods & am currently working on ditching the extra lb`s I`ve put on over the years (-67 already!). Due to the fact that veggies are a big part of my diet now-a-days, I eat a lot of salad & that`s not at all bad, I`m just not the kinda gal who can through some kale or spinach on a plate and call it good. I need texture & I need color!

One of my favorite things to toss in my salads are croutons. For years I`ve always just picked up pre-packaged/pre-made croutons at my local grocery store, they were always easy on calories so I just kinda figured, why not? That was until about a week ago when I really read into the ingredients & realized I didn`t know what a single one of them were (not even the spices!). From there, I decided I was no longer going to rely on store-bought croutons & set out to find a recipe.

I found many recipes online but they weren`t at all healthy. Most of the recipes included butter and/or vegetable oil. After going through countless recipes, I still couldn`t find one that fit my desires, so I decided to experiment & made my own!

Appliances/utensils you`ll need;
Cooking brush (a folded paper towl could also work)
Foiled cookie sheet/baking rack
Small bowl

1 tbs grapeseed or olive oil (I only had GS on hand)
2 slices of bread either stale or lightly toasted (I prefer to use gluten free/whole grain bread)
1 tbs seasoning of choice (I used Italian & herb)


1.) Preheat your oven to 330F (165C) & lightly toast bread (only toast your bread if it`s fresh).
2.) Using a small bowl, mix together oil & seasoning of choice.
3.) After your bread has been toasted, remove the crust & brush on the oil & seasoning mixture (cover both sides of the bread).
4.) Slice bread into 1 ½ in. squares & place on a baking rack (If you don`t have a baking rack then a foiled baking sheet will work. Although, after about 5-6 mins of baking I`d make sure to flip them).
5.) Bake the croutons for 15-20 minutes or until brown & crispy. Allow to cool.

The calorie count for my batch was around 200 but it generally depends on what bread, seasoning, & oil you use on yours.

Enjoy! :)

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