Homemade Coconut Macaroons

5 years ago

I know all you folks in California think of macaroons and go the French way, well, us folks in New England, when we hear Macaroons we assume you mean
Italian macaroons. There is a noticeable difference. French macaroons are more of a meringue cookie, whereas Italian macaroons are made typically of coconut and are shaped like a cookie but are very soft on the inside and the outside provides just a little bit of a crust. My personal favorite coconut macaroon has a little dollop of red jelly at the center. Those I purchase at the Italian bakery and typically eat before I even get home -- then again I only buy 2 because more than that is a danger zone. If you want to see the exact cookie I am talking about, click http://tripolibakery.com/modules/gallery/albums/Cookies/img/111016100536_13cookieg.jpg. Also incase you are wondering, I have not had the French macaroon cookies yet because there is just NOT a French bakery anywhere around me and my local Trader Joes does not sell the macaroon cookies. Now I made these coconut macaroons from a recipe on a website I tend to frequent to try out new recipes when Im in the mood. I wanted to make these for Easter, so I did. (http://www.skinnytaste.com/2012/04/coconut-macaroons.html). I followed the recipe as listed and I must say the cookies turned out quite well. The outside was crunchy; the inside was nice, soft and chewy. The texture was similar to the cookie I purchase at my local Italian bakery, although this one had a lot more coconut in it than those do. The only downside to making these is as they were baking off in the oven, the sugars started cooking in the cookies (its really, like, 85% sugar) and it started to smoke a bit, making my fire alarm go off (which is ridiculously sensitive as it is). Im sure I should have cooked my ingredients a little longer because perhaps that was my issue. But other than the fire alarm blaring and the neighbors thinking I was going to blow the house up (haha, no, not really) I will say these were really good! I will try to get around to remaking these again, perhaps for a cookie swap or something one day.
Image 1: Finished Product. Image 2: Raw ingredients. Image 3: Stovetop cooked ingredients. Image 4: Cookies prepared for baking.
QUESTION: Have you ever had a coconut macaroon? Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you. coconut

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