Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes

4 years ago

I do like to spend time in the kitchen, especially if I feel bored. Like how I say, if life doesnt give you good things, make them yourself.

So, this weekend I wanted to spend some time alone in the kitchen making something delicious, I automatically though in chocolate and delicious toppings.

My sister made some cupcakes not long ago and I took her recipe and adapted it to make them better than hers and I changed it a lot, especially the topping.

I mixed a cup of flour, a cup of sugar, a cup of chocolate powder and a spoon of yeast. In another vessel, I mixed ½ cup of oil, a cup of milk, an egg, a really tinny bit of vanilla essence and salt. I mixed all together carefully and I grease some cupcakes vessels with butter and flour. They only took 30min to be baked in a middle temperature (180°C).

For topping I used a real chocolate milk bar (not that dark chocolate proper for cooking) and I melted with some milk and butter (but not that much, otherwise it would cut the chocolate flavor). I spread a few amount of chocolate in each cupcake.

At last, I added a fresh raspberry to each cupcake, that I harvested myself in my garden, fresher than these raspberries are impossible to find. I added them before the chocolate solidified.

I think they turned out pretty amazing, Im so happy. They tasted great, I was a little scared because of the vanilla essence, it can be very strong but in the end the flavor was very well balanced. The topping chocolate was solidified but on the inside of the topping it was really creamy.
My choice of adding a raspberry was an excellent idea, the freshness and the raspberry flavor combined with chocolate makes it so delicious.

Im really happy with them, and I think this is something that you want to repeat at any time of the day or night. And they also look very appealing. They are really easy to bake!

What do you think of my cupcakes? Do you like the combination of chocolate with raspberries? Do you use vanillas essence in your cooks?

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