Homemade Choc Chip Mint Flavoured Cookies

4 years ago

Okay so I got home from my holiday and my mum showed me this big tup of cookie dough she bought from this fund raising little kids that comes to your door.
When I first saw it I thought she had found and bought cookie dough ice cream so I was like YAYYYYY Ice cream!!<3... Opened it up and thought to myself, hmm this doesn`t look like and taste like ice cream, so I read the packet and found out it was cookie dough and not ice cream.. Haha mindy moment right there!! :P

Anyways, I wanted to try them so I decided to bake some the day after. But I never knew how hard it was. It was too hard to dig out with a spoon so I decided to heat it up in front of the heater for awhile. It was still hard but I had no patience anymore and went ahead with baking it.

It is really messy to get out because of the mint. But I didn`t care if i got a little messy XD.
And also these biscuits do flatten A LOT in the oven so you didn`t have to flatten them down.. I don`t like flat biscuits because I find them to be harder and I don`t like hard cookies. But aye that`s just me :)

All in all these are reallllllyyyy easy to make and are really yummy. And you also get a lot out of them tub too. If I could I would buy it again...
[[images are mine, by the way they may look a little dark and burnt but that`s just the mint in it :)]]

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