Homemade chicken curry

3 years ago

HIYA GUYS!! First food blogg in a very long time but I`m back! I have this week of work and I love love love to cook. I find it hard to cook really nice home cooked food when I finish work because I don`t get home till late and then its getting it ready and my boyfriend has a fear of leaving the slow cooker on when we are not in the house so I cant even put it in there! Guys eh don`t like to cook but love to tell you how to cook it lol. So this week already iv made a few thing steak pie and pies with gravy homemade of course. And last night it was homemade chicken Curry onion baghis chappatis and chips. It took a while cause I have only ever made a curry and chips before everything else was brand new to me. My boyfriend said just buy everything else from a takeaway but to me that was cheating and I wanted to give it a try by myself if it went wrong and tasted bad then maybe just maybe I might go to the takeaway but right now im just happy trying. I soaked the chicken im a tikka sauce tonight before with onions then in the morning I put the chicken the sauce the onions and a few other herbs and spices into the slow cooker on high with the lid on and carryed on with everything else I rolled out the flour and water in to ball then into flat balls and but one in the dry but hot frying pan turning it every few seconds, I learned of a ladie but its different doing it in your own home to doing it in someone else and having them with you if you mess up! The first one turn out okay. I moved on to the onion bargi this was more difficult for me but once I had fryed them they were okay. When I cooked everything and served it all up it was lovely if I do say so myself. My boyfriend went back for seconds and took the rest of it for his dinner at work today... Looks like I will be cooking this again.
How do you cook your Curry?

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