Homemade Cheese Danish

4 years ago

oh....my....goodness! Talk about a delicious breakfast! I made this today for breakfast. It is a homemade cheese danish. I have never tried to make them myself, but always enjoy them from bakeries or store bought ones. I say "always" as though I eat them everyday. I don`t. I only eat them every once in a while because of how many calories they have. But, my goodness, when I do decide to have one I fully enjoy every bite. I think these homemade ones, however, EASILY rival all of the others I have had in the past.

The filling is made up of cream cheese, lemon zest, sour cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and an egg yolk. That is mixed together well and then placed inside of a square sheet of puff pastry. A bit of egg wash is brushed on and then the pastry is closed up on on side and the whole thing is brushed with a bit more egg wash. They go into a 400 degree oven for about 18-20 minutes.

OH MY GOODNESS! AMAZING! Even though there is only the tiniest bit of lemon zest in these, you get a little kick of it while you are eating. It isn`t enough to be overwhelming and I think those who eat this and didn`t know there was lemon zest would just get a "huh, what is that flavor" kind of reaction.

I am trying to be SO GOOD and not go back for a second but it is HARD! I want to be a little piggy and just devour the whole batch I made. O.o They`re going to sit there and tempt me all day long!

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