Homemade Breakfast w Turkey Sausage Patties

3 years ago

Trying to switch up what I eat, I felt inspired to make breakfast turkey sausage patties. For the most part when my boyfriend and I have ground turkey out, we make tacos or pasta sauce, so this was a great way to think outside the box. We actually ended up making this for dinner because breakfast for dinner is always a great way to go! We served these up with scrambled eggs; bagel thins and shredded hash brown potatoes with a half of a sliced pear for garnish (my boyfriends personal touch!). Great delicious meal! Serves 8. 2-3 Points Plus (depending on weight after cooking). Ingredients 20.8 oz (1.3 lbs) 93/7 Lean Ground Turkey (I used Shady Brook Farms) ¼ cup Sugar Free Vermont Maple Syrup ~1 teaspoon salt (or whichever youre comfortable with) ~1 teaspoon black pepper (or however much youre comfortable with) ~2 1/2 tablespoons Bells Seasoning Combine ground turkey, salt, pepper and bell seasoning in a bow. Add in maple syrup and combine well. You can adjust your seasonings by judging the smell of the meat. Score meat with your hand into 8 even sections (note: you can make as many patties as you wish and you can make your patties as thin or as thick as you wish cooking time and points plus values will vary). Roll the meat into balls and set in the bowl to try to get all patties the same size. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat and begin to place your formed patties into the pan. Let the patties cook, not moving the patties to allow them to form a crust. When half-way cooked (roughly 4 minutes or so) flip and cook on the other side. Since this is poultry, please ensure your sausage is cooked all the way through! Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.
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