Homemade boiling crab shrimp!

4 years ago

The shrimp from this place called The Boiling Crab is the best shrimp ever but the downfall of this place is the long wait! The wait is probably an hour or so depending on how but I kinda figured out how to make their shrimp at home! This is how my mom and aunt make it so I followed their recipe and technique but added one thing to it which was the lemon.

<b><strong>What you Need:</strong></b>

All measurements for the ingredients all depends on how much shrimp you have. Everything I added I pretty much eye balled.

Shrimp (I used shrimp that has its shell and the heads just like how they do it at the restaurant)
Chopped garlic
Old Bay seasoning
Lemon juice and zest
Hot water

First thing I did was in the morning I had my shrimp and I just seasoned it with salt, pepper, and just a bit of old bay seasoning. I kept that in the fridge until I cooked it later that night. Next you need a big pot thats big enough to fit your shrimp and turn your stove on to like a medium heat and place your stick of butter in the pot. Let the butter melt slowly, you dont want your butter to burn so dont rush it by turning the heat on the stove higher. Once the butter is all melted, add the chopped garlic and let that cook until its soft. Then add a few tablespoons of old bay seasoning, salt, pepper, zest of lemon plus the juice and whatever was left from the lemon after zesting and juicing I tossed into the pot. Let that mixture sit again until it starts to bubble up. After the mixture bubbles for about 4 minutes I added the shrimp into the pot, gave it a quick stir so that each shrimp gets coated in the mixture. I tossed the shrimp about ever minute or so then I added about ΒΌ of a cup of boiling hot water to the pot then close the pot to let the shrimp steam. The whole cooking process doesnt take that long at all probably just about 12-15 minutes. After 5 minutes of the pot being closed I opened it up and stirred everything then closed the pot again. You want to keep your eye on it because the shrimp can easily over cook. Once all the shrimp is pink its done. Turn off the flame and just let it sit aside until its time to eat.
This recipe isnt exactly like the shrimp at the boiling crab but it comes pretty close I say! Also this tastes even better the next day after the shrimp has been sitting in the sauce over night! This isnt the best thing to eat at all but its so good and its good to have once in a while.

<em>have you ever ate at The Boiling Crab before?</em>


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