Homemade Beer Battered Fish

4 years ago

For dinner tonight I decided I was going to make some beer battered fish. I have been wanting to make a white fish for a while now and so this past weekend I bought all the stuff I needed for it. Along side the fish I decided to make asparagus and potato wedges. It was absolutely delicious! My son even gave them a thumbs up... and if you`ve read any of my past food posts you`ll know I have two picky boys: my husband and my son. If it gets the approval from them you know it is good. My son ate his with tartar sauce and my husband turned his into a fish sandwich with cheese.

I picked up some really good, fresh cod from my fish counter. It was very, very well priced. It was actually cheaper than if I were to buy it frozen, too. I bought 1 lb of cod.

For the batter you`ll need a cup of flour, a couple tablespoons of cornstarch, one teaspoon baking powder, a half teaspoon of salt, and egg, and a cup of beer. If you don`t want to use the beer (though I highly suggest it) you can use water or even a broth. We used Bud Light. Mix that all up in a decent sized bowl. The beer will quickly stop fizzing up once everything combines.

Next, just slice up your cod into chunks/strips. Then dump them all into the batter mixture. You can leave them sit in the bowl while you heat up your oil. Once you get your oil good and hot (not popping or anything, though...and I don`t use any sort of thermometer) you can use some tongs to gently place your fish into the oil. Let them crisp up and get golden for a couple of minutes on each side. That is just enough time to cook the fish, too. When you remove them the insides should be tender and flaky. I remove them and place them onto a plate with 2 paper towels to absorb the excess oil.

I won`t go into detail on the asparagus because I have talked about them in other meal posts.

I have talked about my potato wedges in the past, too, but this time I did them slightly different. I cut up 3 small-medium potatoes and then sliced them into wedges. Those were then put into a small baking dish that had been first sprayed with Pam. I sprinkled on some salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and dry parsley. Then, I used unsalted butter and cut it into little pats, which I then placed randomly all over the tops. That went into a 350 degree oven, uncovered, for...ohh....45 minutes or so. I didn`t really time it. I just kept peeking it to make sure they were browning up on the edges and then before I pulled them out I stuck a fork in to make sure they were tender all the way through.

Voila... delicious meal that really doesn`t take a whole lot of time. My husband said this was the best fish I`ve made. If you or someone you cook for is the same way where they don`t enjoy seafood....try a white fish. They are more mild than, say, salmon or tilapia. I make those, too, and he`ll eat them... he just doesn`t enjoy them as much as cod.


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