Homemade Beef Stew w Jamaican Dumplings

4 years ago

This is my first-ever homemade beef stew. Growing up I used to watch my mother make beef stew so I had a general gist of what to do so I went to the grocery store, picked up my veggies, my beef and I got a jar of beef stock (its like a really thick jelly consistency of flavored stock that you add to water). Id been craving beef stew because the weather had changed and all I wanted was something warm and something to make the kitchen smell homey.

One thing I will say is I like my stews thick. Im not really a soup person so stews are right up my alley. I know everyone varies with thickness but thankfully my boyfriend also likes a moderately thick stew so I didnt have to make this on the watery side. This cooked for a fair while on the stove (a little over 3 hours) so its definitely not one of those meals you can just throw together in a flash but undoubtedly it was delicious!

I used 2 tablespoons of olive oil to brown my beef, and then added 2 pounds of lean stew beef and let it brown up stirring it around in the pot. I then added in my minced garlic. When it was almost completely browned I threw in my large diced onion. When done, I added in water (just eyeballing since I was making a big pot). I added in my beef starter stock covered and let simmer for an hour and a half. After that I uncovered the pot, added in 2 pounds of chopped potatoes and a large bag of baby carrots. While that came back up to simmer I made my Jamaican dumplings (flour, salt and water where you knead it into a harder rough then rolled the pieces out in the bowl and then added them into the stew. I covered it and let it cook for another near hour.

Ten minutes before serving I added in 1/3 cup cornstarch (mixed with cold water) and stirred it to have it thicken up to a delicious and perfect consistency.

Overall TWO thumbs up! This was SO good! Whats funny is my boyfriend didnt know I was going to add Jamaican dumplings to the dish so when he was served his bowl and he spotted the dumplings he went Awe, yeah! HAHA. We ate it for a few days, then frozen up the remainder into separate containers for quick dinners/lunches when we dont have any idea as to what to eat.

Do you like beef stew?
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