Homemade BBQ Pork Right At Home!

10 months ago

Sometimes I cook dishes that calls for BBQ pork and I don`t always have that on hand. And it`s not cheap either for the amount I need. So while I was stocking up on my regular marinating sauces, I came by a sauce made by Lee Kum Kee. It`s called char siu sauce. And you know me, I gotta try it.
So I bought it along with 4 lbs of pork. But I only used two lbs. Followed the directions as stated. And ended up with some tasty char siu aka BBQ pork. It`s not quite exact as the ones in the stores but it was still pretty good as far as home made goes. One thing I have to mention is that honey is an additional ingredient that is said to be used when making this dish. Luckily I already had some at home.
One thing I did to perk up the meat even more is that after it was done cooking in the oven and after I sliced it into slices like they do for you in the stores, I stir fried it for a few minutes in some oyster sauce and it took the flavor up a notch. I sometimes do this with the char siu I buy from the stores too. This trick was told to me by my mom. And people who have tried them cooked this way when she makes it for them are always in awe. They wonder if she makes them. But she just tells them it`s store bought and all she did was stir fry them in a little bit of oyster sauce. They couldn`t believe it.

So if you want to make your own, look for this sauce. I paid $3.19 for mine and prices can vary from store to store. As for now, I`m gonna make char siu using this marinade until I can find a recipe I can make from scratch.

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